The Military History Society of Ireland was founded in 1949. The aim of the Society is to promote the study of military history, and in particular the history of warfare in Ireland and of Irishmen in war. The flagship of the Society, The Irish Sword, is a twice yearly publication, renowned for its scholarly treatment of military history

The Society is affiliated, under the style of the Irish Commission for Military History, to the International Commission of Military History (www.icmh.info)


Latest News


      • The MHSI Foreign Tour in 2017 will be to the WW1 Western Front in Europe. It will take place from 19th September to 27/29th September. For further details, click on “Field Trip and Tours”


      • 'The Irish at Gallipoli' is a new six-part podcast series specially recorded for History Hub by Dr Jeff Kildea. A link to the series, which examines the origins of the campaign, is now available on our "Links" page. 'The Irish at Gallipoli' will be released episodically over the coming months