Contents Vol. XIX

Defence and the new Irish state, 1919-39 Peter Young Page 1
Mobilisation and expansion Parsons Page 11
Mr de Valera's appreciation   page 18
The Emergency Army Donal O'Carroll Page 19
Plans and operations Colm Mangan Page 47
Aspects of intelligence Eunan O'Halpin Page 57
The emergency services Jim Dukes Page 66
Powder and ball company, L.D.F.   Page 71
Transition to Peace James P.Coyle Page 72
The Marine Service Daire Brunicardi Page 77
Air aspects of ther emergency Aidan Quigley Page 86
The coastwatching service Owen Quinn Page 91
Germany and Ireland in World War 11 John P. Duggan Page 93
U.S - Irish relations, 1939-45

Joseph Carroll

Page 99
Anglo-lrish diplomatic relations and World War 11 Dermat Keogh and Aengus Dola Page 106

Bending the beam': myth and reality in the bombing of Coventry , Belfast and Dublin

Richard Hawkins Page 131
Curragh mess fare, March 1942   Page 144
Into the Wheatfield: the Union army's Irish Brigade at Gettysburg Kevin 0' Brien Page 145
Irish volunteers in Philadelphia   Page 160
The Thompson submachine gun in Ireland revisited Peter Hart Page 161

Irish politics and the British army list: the formation of the Irish Guards in 1900

Terece Denman Page 171

I hear the Irish are naturally brave': dramatic portrayals of the Irish soldier in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Christopher J. Wheatley Page 187
The reorganisation of the Irish militia in 1678-81: documents from Birr Castle Rof Loeber Page 197

Letters from Fontenoy

Micheline Kerney Walsh

Page 238
Marshal Saxe Donal 0' Carroll Page 249
An analysis of the Fitzjames Cavalry Regiment, 1737. Eoghan O hAnnrachain Page 253
His last farthing: an old soldier's possessions, 1763 Eoghan O hAnnrachain page 276
Irish soldiers in Barcelona , 1653-4 Peter Pyne Page 277
Toryism in Cromwellian Ireland (1650-60) Peter Pyne Page 290
Rapparee honour   Page 305
Fortification of Belfast Gerald Muller and Gavin Williamson Page 306

The German soldier is not tactful': Sir Roger Casement and the Irish Brigade in Germany during the First W orId War

Andread Roth Page 313
Crimean-war guns in Ireland N. St John Hennessy Page 333