Contents Vol. XXI

The Soldiers' Palace: a note on the history and present use of the Hotel National des lnvalides (Illustrated)   Page 1
The influence of the lnvalides on the Royal Hospital , Kilmainham   Page 3
Irish veterans at the Hotel Royal des lnvalides (1692-1769). (Illustrated) Eoghan 0 hAnnrachain Page 5
The Picardy companies, 1598-99: an Elizabethan regiment in Ireland Andrew Graham Page 43
Munro's Benburb army, 1646 Clive L. C. Hollick Page 51
The French expedition to Bantry Bay , 1796, and the boat from the Resolue (Illustrated) Paul M Kerrigan Page 65
Some examples of Irish enlistment in the Australian Imperial Force, 1914 (Illustrated) John Connor Page 85
The Volunteer Reserve and the IRA Brian Hanley Page 93
Proposed Uniform Regulations for the Volunteer Force, 1933   Page 99
The second world war and the saga of the Irish Regiment of Canada (Illustrated Brian Horgan Page 121
Canada 's Irish regiments Edward Atkinson Page 133
The Sack of BaItimore, 1538 (Illustrated) Edward O'Mahony Page 137
The Scottish Fencible Regiments in Ireland Allan L. Carswell Page 155
Guernsey and the '98: a fragment from the rebellion Stephen Wood Page 160
The Royal Guernsey Militia   Page 162
From Light Infantry to Constabulary: the military origins of the Irish police, 1798-1850 Elizabeth Malcolm Page 163
Dear Mother - It's a terrible life': Irish soldiers' letters from the Boer War, 1899-1900 Gary Owens Page 176
Casualties in Irish regiments, 1899-1900 Anthony Kineslla Page 188
The Thompson submachine gun during and after the Anglo-Irish war: the new evidence (Illustrated) Patrick Jung Page 190
'Remembering 1798: a bibliographical essay' Patrick McCarthy Page 232
Uniforms of the Fifth Royal Irish Dragoons (Illustrated) W.Y.Carman Page 241
A gap in the Army List, 1799-1858: The missing Fifth Dragoons [Note]   Page 244
'History of His Majesty's late Fifth, or Royal Irish Regiment of Dragoons' (as published in the British Military Library for April 1800) (Illustrated)   Page 245
Weapons and tactics of 1798 (Illustrated) Paul M Kerrigan Page 257
A 1798 pike and notes on the battle of Tara Hill (Illustrated) Paul M Kerrigan Page 273
Spanish naval officers of Irish birth or origin at Ceuta and Melilla (Illustrated) John de Courcy Ireland Page 277
Dr. Morgan David O'Connell - an Irish officer in the first Carlist war, 1836-1838 E.M Brett Page 282
Irish Papal troops, 1860 to 1870, with particular reference to the contribution from county Louth (Illustrated) Canice O'Mahony Page 285
The Louth Rifles: Group of officer's silver shoulder belt mountings (Illustrated) F Flenn Thompson Page 298
A family of Ulster in the Great War Niall R. Brannigan Page 299
The twilight years: the Irish regiments, 1919-1922 (Illustrated) Patrick McCarthy Page 314
Werner Unland: the Abwehr's man in Dublin (Illustrated) Mark M Hull Page 336
The standard of the Muskerry Cavalry (Illustrated) R.J. Tonson Rye Page 361
Contemporary accounts of the battle of Rathmines, 1649 (Illustrated) Kenneth Ferguson Page 363
Irish military men serving Spain in North America in the 18th and 19th centuries Eileen A. Sullivan Page 387
The Irish Sea-Officers oft he Royal Navy, 1793-1815 Anthony Gary Brown Page 393
A Tour in Ireland , 1880-3. The Second Battalion, The Worcestershire Regiment John Johnston Page 430
The 'Hay Plan': an account of Anglo-French recruitment efforts in Ireland, August 1918 Jerome aan de Wiel Page 434
''No blast or shock': the test ofthe 'Bee Hive' shelter James Scannell Page 446