Contents Vol. XXIII

Vol XXIII: Ireland and the American Civil War : No 91    
The Fighting 69th; still going strong at 150 (Illustrated) Kenneth H.Powers Page 1
Out of Ireland into the Union Army: The battle over Irish emigration (Illustrated) Thomas J. Ryan Page 7
The charge of the Irish Brigade ar Marye's Heights in the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, 13 December 1862 William A. Murphy

Page 23

Colonel Patrick O'Rorke: fallen hero of Gettysburg (Illustrated) Neil Hogan Page 33
Dick Dowling and the battle of Sabine Pass (Illustrated) Ann Caraway Ivins Page 53
Ibid. (2) The Thermopylae of Lieutenant Disck Dowling (Illustrated) P.D. O'Donnell Page 65
The youth and Irish military service of Patrick Clebourne (1828-1864) (Illustrated) Mauiel Phillips Joslyn Page 87
Generals of Irish birth in the U.S. Civil War: The complete list William F.K. Marmion Page 99
American Soldiers in Ireland, 1865-67 (Illustrated) Michael H.Kane Page 103
James Wall Scully - a Kilkenny soldier in the American Civil War (Illustrated) Anthony McCann

Page 141

A contribution towards a bibiography of books and articles about Irish involvement in hte American Civil War Paul V. Walsh Page 155
Vol XXIII: Naval Themes : No 92    
John Philip Holland the inventor of the modern submarine, and his Japanese and Fenian connections (Illustrated) Séan G.Ronan

Page 185

The Coastguard in Ireland (Illustrated) Edmund P.Symes Page 201
The place of Ireland in naval history John de Courcy Ireland Page 211
Vol XXIII: No 93    
Miniature of a Grenadier Officer of the Connaught Rangers (Illustrated) F. Glenn Thompson Page 241
The conduct of warfare in Ireland during the age of the 'kings with opposition' 900-1200 A.D. (Illustrated) Paul V.Walsh Page 243
The battle of Monasternenagh, 1579 Thomas MOrsch Page 305
The legend of the Finnish mercenaries at the Boyne, 1690 Ossi Päärnilä Page 316
John Giffard and the City of Dublin Militia I.F. Nelson Page 321
General Mac Adaras: and adventurer in the service of the Irish revolutionaries in France Janick Julienne Page 335
The Army Nursong Service 1922-1924: some historical fragments (Illustrated) Anthony Kinsella Page 347
Vol XXIII : No 94    
Photograph of a collor and two armlets worn by a negro in the band of the Kilkenny Militia, c. 1793  

Page 361

Preserving Donegal - the battle of Glenmaquin 16 June 1642 (Illustrated) Patrick McCarthy Page 361
Jacobite Artillery, 1689-91 Harman Murtagh Page 383
General John Moore in Ireland in 1798 Paul M. Merrigan Page 401
The Black, the Red and the Green: Black red-coats and Ireland during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries John D. Ellis Page 409
The South Irish Horse on the Western Front (Illustrated) Pat Dargan

Page 425

In memory of Liutenant Tom Kettle, 'B' Company 9th Royal Dublin Fusiliers (Illustrated) Tom Burke Page 435
Indictments on the East Side Thompson seizure Alfred Isacsson Page 446
Father Peter B. Bradley and Irish Franciscan chaplains in World Wars I and II (Illustrated Ignatius Fennessy Page 449