Contents Vol. XXIV

Irish tents in Spanish Flanders, winter 1641 , (Illustrated)

Eoghan OhAnnrachain and Gerard Aubert Page 1

'They lived and loved and died': the integration of the Irish military at Aire-sur-la-Lys into the life of eighteenth-century France (Illustrated)

Eoghan OhAnnrachain Page 11

Roger Morrice, Sir Henry Hobart, and a new eyewitness account of the battle of the Boyne

Jason McElligot Page 44

Defence from the dispossessed: the state-sponsored garrisoning of the South Tipperary landscape, c. 1650 - c. 1730 (Illustrated)

David J. Butler Page 45
The Nenagh Mutiny, 7-9 July 1856 (Illustrated) Louis O'Brien Page 57
Officer's Duty Free Wine Allowance, 1839   Page 64

Journey's End: the fight for the Ulster Division's Forward Zone, 21 st March 1918

Nicholas Perry Page 65

Deaths in Irish Regiments 1939-1945 and the extent of Irish volunteering for the British Army

Yvonne McEwen Page 81
The Colour of Berwick's Regiment (Illustrated) F.W. van Brock Page 121
West Cork and the Elizabethan Wars, 1565-1603 Edward 0 'Mahony Page 123
A Prayer for the good successe of her Maiesties forces in Ireland [1599]   Page 160
Irish soldiers in Swedish service 1609-1613 Alexia Grosjean and Steve Murdoch Page 161

Lally, the Regime's Scapegoat

Eoghan O hAnnrachain Page 165

The exchange of letters between Lally and Coote upon the surrender of Pondicherry , 15 January 176

  Page 177

Countering a French threat: the Irish experience in the development of Light Infantry between 1793 and 1803

I.F. Nelson Page 179
The Fighting 69th times four Caroline M Rerucha Page 192
W.Y. Cannan (1909-2003)   Page 193

What have you done for Ireland? The 36th ( Ulster) Division in the Great War: Politics, propaganda and the demography of deaths Y

Yvonne McEwan Page 194

Easter Rising 1916: Count Plunkett's letter to Pope Benedict XV

Jerome aan de Wiel Page 219

The Celtic cross at Limburg an der Lahn, Germany: a sentimental journey (Illustrated)

Anthony O'Brien Page 241

Irish participation in Scandinavian armies during the Thirty Years' War

Alexia Grosjean and Steve Murdoch Page 277
Flag of an Irish regiment in Bavarian service, 1626-1633 (Illustrated)   Page 288

Controlling Insurrection: Garrisons, Police Barracks, and Bridewells in South Tipperary , c. 1750 - c. 1840 (Illustrated)

David J Butler Page 291
Shako Plates of the Belfast Volunteers (Illustrated) F. Glenn Thompson Page 307

'A Work of Irish Manufacture' - Captain William Siborne's Waterloo Model

Peter Hoftchroer Page 309

Mac Mahon (1808-93), Duke of Magenta, Marshal of France, President of the Republic (Illustrated)

George Clark Page 309
Georges Yver' s historical essay, 'Les Irlandais en Algerie' (1919)   Page 342
Lieutenant-Colonel K.H. Powers (1929-2005)   Page 342
Ann Caraway Ivins   Page 360

Aspects of Anglo-Norman secular settlement in Longford and Roscommon c. 1300 (Illustrated)

Linda Doran Page 361

Gaelic military organisation and the Nine Years' War - the army of Red Hugh O'Donnell

Darren McGettigan Page 397

''Ruddy cheeks and strapping thighs': an analysis of the ordinary soldiers in the ranks of the Irish regiments of eighteenth-century France

Colm 0 Conaill Page 411

John Murray and the building of the Dun Laoghaire martello towers (Illustrated)

Arnold Horner Page 427

The contribution of Ulstermen to the Bolshaya Igra (Illustrated)

W.A. Eakins Page 435
Whence came the Royal Dublin Fusiliers? Tom Burke Page 451